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We break down confidence, attraction, relationships, love, and sex into clear and accomplishable goals. We tell you how to achieve them while maintaining complete integrity and individuality.

Get proven processes, gain core-level confidence, join a brotherhood of great men, set your relationships up for success, and reshape yourself into the proud man you've always envisioned becoming.

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Love and passion aren't magic, they're cause and effect
Vimbasi Warrior Seductive Integrity gets men dialed in on the simple components that create outstanding love lives and authentic confidence. You won't find our students in night clubs practicing manipulative Pickup Artist Tactics. You'll find them as leaders of social circles, in remarkable relationships, and in a state of continual growth.
We help the socially-cautious-man...
This man represents at least 90% of men since most men are not bad men... They simply have played life safe. They used to dream big, but for years they have chosen to sleep on those dreams... Procrastinating on discovering and expanding their true potential. They love women, however, they dislike the frustration they have towards dating and themselves due to feeling lost in how to attract, love, and ravish women. These men know they are meant to be more and have more in all walks of love, life and confidence. However, due to years of struggle and playing things overly safe, they now live in sates of doubt and insecurity. They see love, lust, and confidence as a cluster of confusion and frustration. They know that if they overcome the challenges in love and confidence, their greatest self, most loving relationships, and unforgettable memories, await them on the other side.
Become the proud man great women love...
The man of Seductive Integrity
This man is rare. He dreams even bigger than when he was young because he's continued to prove to himself that his fears are conquerable and his goals are accomplishable. He purely loves women because the frustrations in relation to them have been replaced with clarity and confidence. You won't find these men trying to use pickup artistry to get women's attention. They already have a beautiful woman's attention. You won't find them trying to boost their ego by dominating other men or flashing some facade. Their self-esteem and confidence is built off their integrity and character. They are driven, passionate, and successful in love and leadership.
We Teach All of The Components That Are Required For Success...
Think about what goes into a top performing athlete. Their success isn't based off of the mechanics of their movements. They must develop a great mindset, strength and agility, they must be in the right environment to train, the must have the right motivation, the right process, nutrition, etc. There are multiple components that are essential to someones success and transformation. Most therapists - coaches - programs - books will only cover one component. Like how to approach, or how to overcome limiting beliefs, or how to improve your character, etc. Only utilizing one component is like trying to fix a car with 1/5th of the tools you really need. If you want to guarantee success, you must focus on all required components. Aka:
"The 5 Pillars of Seductive Integrity."
1. Vimbase - drive, passion, purpose, motivation, vision... Aka Vimbase. If you're going to lead women, a profound relationship, and one date an outstanding family, you must have "Vimbase". Vimbase is you're fuel.

2. Character/Integrity - specifically "The 9 Essential Traits". These are critical for success in seductive integrity and relationship. Identity, discipline, integrity (which is custom fit to each man rather than 1 size fits all). This will be your foundation that your life, relationship, and family will be built off of.

3. Perspectives & Expectations - beliefs, mindset, opinions, principles, emotional mastery, philosophy in love, etc. This will be your clarity and sense of direction in hard times and great times.

4. Process - How to "______"... i.e. How to approach, ask out, text, date, bed, love, lead, breakup (when needed), all with integrity. This will be your method, your practice, your blueprint.

5. Logistics & Lifestyle - When and where followed by what... We help you determine where you will meet your future lover(s) without needing to go to bars/clubs or wasting time on dating apps. After you meet your dates though, you'll want to have a lifestyle (hobbies, things to do, an ideology of how to live and connect) that is inviting for your ideal relationship.
Learn It All... Then Live The Good Life...
You're only as good as your weakest link... One man may be great with approaching but weak in leading a date. One man may be great at both, but fails in relationship. Another man may be great with women, but lacks confidence and integrity. We teach everything that is needed not just to get a date but to be successful in love and confidence, today, tomorrow in the future and against the challenges that arise.
Develop Confidence
Expand your self-awareness, prove to yourself your dreams are possible. Learn to lead yourself through difficult times. Have the confidence to be able to lead and love others.
Overcome Fear of Failure & Rejection
Overcome your fear of approaching and fear of the unknown. Know how to bounce back after rejection. Make your dating life low risk and high reward. Manage your mindset and develop fortitude.
Approach Beautiful Women - Get Dates
Learn to approach successfully, in a way that is custom fit to your character. No going to night clubs. No cheap pickup lines. Learn a methodology and structure that can be used in all scenarios. 
Multiply Attraction on Dates
It doesn't matter much if you can get a date, if you struggle to make dates end in passionate attraction. Learn to stand out so you always have the option of taking the connection further.
Learn Sexual Progression
Get over your fear of flirting. Learn to lead a woman into a sexual experience without being creepy, contrived or confused. Remove all confusion on your end and develop passion and trust with her.
Sexual Connection & Artistry
Make sure you know how to please a woman in bed so she wants to keep exploring sexuality with you. Get beyond your resistances and make sexual experiences profound and deeply connected.
Relationship Generation
Learn to set the right rhythm in the beginning of a dating phase so you can have a healthy foundation for a relationship. Make relationship transitions seamless.
Create your "Custom Relationship"
Your ideal relationship needs to be custom fit to you and your partner. No more crossing your fingers and hoping things go well. No more settling for less than what you really want.
Get Out Of, And Prevent, Bad Relationships
From "just-friend" scenarios, to bad relationships that you keep turning back to. Discover the issues that are leading to them. Learn who and what would be best fit for you in the long run.
Develop Social Leadership
If you can learn to be more seductive than 99% of men, then you can definitely learn to lead people socially. This leads to new business connections/opportunities and new social circles.
Learn to Lead Profound Relationships
This is applicable to casual relationships and long term relationships. Regardless of the types of relationships you want to lead in the present moment, make them positively unforgettable.
Unleash Your Full Masculinity With Integrity
Your masculinity and integrity is at the very core of who you are as a man. Unleash both with absolute passion so you can lead yourself to more success in all area of life with a full and open heart.
"You Don't Want Just A Piece Of The Pie...
You Want The Whole Thing..."
Learn it all, so you can have it all...
Our goal is to be your permanent brotherhood that you can turn to throughout every stage of your love life.
Regardless of where you are starting, let's see how we can help...
Our goal is to be your permanent brotherhood that you can turn to throughout every stage of your love life. Regardless of where you are starting, let's see how we can help...
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